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Plataforma Raíz Since 2022 has been a collaborative and comprehensive educational program characterized by the creation of workshops, talks, and meetings that promote the professional growth of the migrant and Latino artists community. With a multidisciplinary and critical approach, we look to ensure the cultural progress and diverse representation of Latino communities, their recognition, and economic growth.

Both the creative and educational processes are conducive to all artists as participants are constantly learning and growing. Through this guided process, we explore the possibilities of the artist’s work; specifically, where experimentation and the unpredictable join a constant mediation and confrontation with the work of art.

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Lanesboro Arts BIPOC Artist Residency Program
Lanesboro Arts invites Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color (BIPOC) artists in Minnesota to apply for the Lanesboro Arts BIPOC Artist Residency Program. This personally tailored residency program offers the opportunity for support and open access to Lanesboro Arts and Lanesboro Area, facilities, personnel, and natural environment.

Lanesboro. MN


During the program, progress was made in the editing of the documentary about Venezuelan migration called: Let me know when you get home.



OPEN TALK at Lanesboro High School 

Creative Fragments:

Multidisciplinary Creations with the Essence of Collage.

Zine Publication with Apex Gallery NY

Interview by my sister María Fernanda Vandersteen.

Build what we hate. Destroy What We Love, an apexart open call exhibition curated by Fabiola R. Delgado.



Building a Strong Portfolio / Creación de portafolio de artistas.


6 Sessions | Saturdays: January 21, 28 February 4, 11, 18, 25 | 1-3pm

Join artist Juan Diego Pérez la Cruz as he guides students on creating a portfolio that shows your style and stands out!

04/08      04/15     04/12   04/29

Outdoor photography workshop.  

Four sessions with Latino artists at Dakota County Parks, MN.

Huellas Latinas, Dakota County.MN.

09-2022   05- 2023

New Angle Fellow  

A 7-month fellowship that supports underrepresented and emerging documentary filmmakers who are creating their own work and hoping to get to the next step in their filmmaking journey, MN.

Saint Paul Neighborhood Network (SPNN),step%20in%20their%20filmmaking%20journey.

Logline: Uncover the Venezuelan migration crisis through a formal and introspective lens in this poetic and experimental documentary. Witness the resilience of immigrants as their stories are vividly brought to life through a captivating performative interpretation.

Let me know when you get home. ( Avísame cuando llegues a casa).1/7

Documentary link with captions

September / October       

Artist Residency program invitation by The Pillsbury House +Theatre

ART IN COMMONS / Mike Hoyt, Creative Community Liaison


04/08      04/15     04/12   04/29

2023 Care For Place Fellowship 

The Care for Place fellowship will include a cohort of 10 Minnesotans  that share their stories of how they care for Minnesota’s beautiful natural places in a way that inspires others.
From Venezuela to Minnesota: Nurturing Nature and Inspiration Through the Immigrant Experience

Embracing Nature’s Healing Power Through Loss with Juan Diego Perez la Cruz



Creation of the educational platform.

Minneapolis / Buenos Aires

Mentors: Juan Diego Pérez la Cruz / Paula Carrella.

09/06 - 10/12

Minneapolis Public Schools.Jonh B. Davis Gallery.

Minneapolis Public Schools. MPS

Hogares temporales y otros un poco permanentes / Temporary homes and others a bit permanent

Duo exhibition : Juan Diego Pérez la Cruz / Lauren Alfaro Núñez.

Curatorial text: Mirella Espino.


A conversation between Derek Francis, executive director of equity and school climate, and Juan Diego Pérez La Cruz.


Las Estrellas Dual Language School visit.


Latin Artist Portfolio Showcase.   5 artists x 5 projects.

Springboard for the arts. MN.

Alondra M Garza, Hedgiee, Nicolas Jaramillo , Alonzo Pantoja-Patiño, Juan Diego Pérez la Cruz.

07/21 - 08/25

Online group exhibition.

Espacio Proyecto Libertad (@espacioplibertad) • Fotos y videos de Instagram

“El cuerpo sin órganos no hay quien lo consiga, no se puede conseguir, nunca se acaba de acceder a él, es un límite”

Deleuze y Guattari: “¿Cómo hacerse un cuerpo sin órganos?”

Artists: Alejandro Torrealba, Analy Trejo, Enmaly Ramírez, Juan Toro-Diez,Diana Leal, Juan Diego Pérez La Cruz.

Curator: Elizabeth Marín Hernández.

Espacio Proyecto Libertad

Espacio de investigación, difusión y exposición del arte actual venezolano, con base en la ciudad de Mérida. Venezuela.

06/25 - 07/02

Building a strong artist portfolio workshop.  

Two 4 hours in person sessions with Latin artists from Minnesota.

C.L.U.E.S Comunidades Latinas Unidas en Servicio. MN

08/10 - 08/15 - 10/22

Building a strong artist portfolio workshop.  

Three Online sessions with Venezuelan artists.  Festival Hecho en Venezuela.

El Avispero Art, RO.S.CA

11/05     11/12     11/19

Outdoor photography workshop.  

Three sessions with Latino artists at Dakota County parks, MN.

Huellas Latinas, Dakota County.MN

11/05     11/12     11/19

Outdoor photography workshop.  

Three sessions with Latino artists at Dakota County parks, MN.

Huellas Latinas, Dakota County.MN.


Limits, Experiences, Experimentations Talk

Special event with k5 and 6-12 visual arts teachers.

M.P.S Minneapolis Public Schools

Edison High School.MN


Art donation to Las Estrellas Dual Language School library.

Special event with parents and staff.

Las Estrellas Dual Language School.MN

12/09 - 2/15

Escribir con el cuerpo. / Formas de acercarse al territorio.


A photography group exhibition of 10 new Latino artists,  curated by Juan Diego Perez la Cruz.


  1. Eliana Hermosa 

  2. Liliana Sanchez

  3. Juan Diego Pérez la Cruz

  4. Alejandro Pons Juárez

  5. Griselda Araiza Figueroa

  6. Dinorah Martinez

  7. Yari Cabezas-Perusse 

  8. Luisana Méndez

  9. Nohelia Fernández

  10.  Mayra Adán Quiterio

CLUES - Comunidades Latinas Unidas En Servicio .MN

Curator:Juan Diego Pérez la Cruz.

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